Thursday, 22 March 2018

Wednesday, 21 March 2018

Seizure in Bulgaria

Police in Bulgaria seized more than 90 artifacts on March 15 from an organised group involved in crimes against cultural heritage, the Ministry of Interior said. The objects were obtained via illegal excavations in Bulgaria.  Of the artifacts seized, 85 were coins, which are small, easy to move, and often not subject to the same provenance requirements as antiquities.  Coin dealers and collectors once again are implicated in the looting.

Benches: Present on the Past and the Past of the Future

Thought-provoking post by Heritage Action (includes archaeology of benches)

Tuesday, 20 March 2018

The negative market reaction to the very mild diligence guidelines the BATG

The negative market reaction to the very mild diligence guidelines the BATG suggests is noteworthy and shows the limits of voluntary self-regulation by "the market". Strong, clear laws are needed

Metal Detectorist has 'Haul' of Treasure

Debbie King, 'A rare hoard of 2,000 year-old gold coins have (sic) been found in a farmer's field near Chiddingstone' Kent Live 20th March 2018
Ten solid gold coins dating back to the Iron Age have been discovered in a field near Chiddingstone. The rare find was hauled from its 2,000 year-old resting place by a man with a metal detector and has been taken to the British Museum for safe keeping.
The verb is 'hoiked', Ms King, not 'hauled'.
Resident archaeologist at Eden Valley Museum in Edenbridge, Claire Donithorn said the coins were unearthed in October 2016 but their exact location was not being revealed and details kept secret. She said the museum would be launching an appeal to raise part of the £13,000 needed to save the coins for the people of west Kent and the sale's proceeds would be split between their finder and the land's owner. "To find a haul of this size is extremely rare," she said. [...] Out aim is to keep the hoard together and to ensure that it stays in the Valley for us and for future generations." The Eden Valley Museum will need to raise £2000 to secure the coins for the people of west Kent [...] . The museum has already secured grants of more than £11,000 but will need another £2,000 to purchase the coins and provide secure display cabinets.

Temple facade at Tel Jokha, Iraq

Today is the fifteenth anniversary of the start of the 2003 invasion of sovereign country Iraq, among other things this led to the looting of many sites across the country, especially in the south. This is the Ur III temple facade destroyed by looters in Umma, Tell Jokha, a site that reportedly is still being looted.

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